Fuliwen 2051 Lanxivi [partial refund]

Updated 1/2/16, 1/4/16, 1/9/16, 1/16/16
Fuliwen 2051 Lanxivi Blk Metal screw conv, push cap, fine nib
Hot Selling Durable Classical Fountain Pen Famous Style Vivid Black Color Fine Nib Size Comfortable for Hand Smooth Writing
(Fan Fanny)
Appearance & construction: stars4-h021
Writing: stars3-5-h21

Lanxivi 2051 Blk Metal Fuliwen screw conv, push cap, fine nib. Ordered 12/17/15. ($6.33 FS)

Lanxivi 2051 Blk Metal Fuliwen screw converter, push cap, fine nib. Ordered 12/17/15. [$6.33 FS]. Arrived 12/28/15. Partial refund $3.50.

This pen arrived poorly wrapped in a simple envelope with no bubble wrap or padding of any kind. Fortunately, it wasn’t damaged. This is a good looking pen. It’s a bit chunky and short, but it’s beautifully engineered. The problem is the converter. It doesn’t fit properly and turns freely when you turn the screw either way, making it difficult to fill it with ink. A Jinhao international ink cartridge didn’t fit and leaked badly when I tried to write with it. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding it 1 star — awful. For writing, 3 stars — average.

Update 1/4/16: The converter was fine. The problem was the section, which was defective and wouldn’t allow the insertion of cartridges or converters. I switched in parts from the Jinhao 508, which had a defective cap, to solve the problem. See Cannibalizing Jinhao 508 to Repair Fuliwen 2051.

This repair changes the ratings.

1/9/16: Sent a message and photo to the seller: Hi Fan Fanny. I receivd this pen on 28 Dec 2015. It looked fine. However, the converter didn’t fit securely no matter how hard I twisted and pressed it in. I tried a Jinhao international ink cartridge, and it too would not lock in. I assumed the problem was with the converter and that the Jinhao cartridge wasn’t compatible with this pen. I managed to get some ink into the converter for a test. This was difficult because it kept spinning as I turned the piston. The pen seemed to write fine. However, after leaving it on my desk for a few hours, I found that it was leaking badly around the grip and into the cap. I removed the converter and cleaned the pen with water. Using a loupe, I looked into the barrel end of the section and found that the metal plug portion that extends into the converter (or cartridge) was deformed and bent, making it impossible to work with a converter or cartridge. I tried using a Jinhao 508 section and nib unit in the pen. It fits and works, but it doesn’t look very good. What I need is a replacement section for this pen, one which isn’t deformed. If you can send me this part and if it works with this pen, I’d be happy. If you can’t send me this part, then I’d like a partial refund of $3.50. In any case, I won’t be returning the defective part to you since the cost of mailing would negate any refund or replacement I receive. I would most appreciate a replacement section. However, if youcan’t send me a replacement, then I’d appreciate a partial refund of $3.50. Best regards, Jim


1/16/16: Rec’d partial refund of $3.50 from seller Fan Fanny.

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