China 926 stainless steel Finance fine Nib

Updated 12/30/15, 12/31/15, 1/2/16, 1/8/16

High Quality Luxury 926 stainless steel Finance fine Nib Fountain Pens New
(China pens)
Appearance & construction: stars2-5-h21
Writing: stars1-h21
926 Steel Finance Nib2

“China 926” stainless steel Finance fine Nib [$1.99 FS]. This is a pen with only a number (926) for a name. Since it’s being sold by “China Pens,” I’m calling it the China 926. Arrived 12/28/15.

Unlike some “fine” nib pens, this one actually has a fine point. The writing is smooth with no scratchiness or skipping on Mead green tint steno tablet paper. The initial turn-off for me was the hooded nib. I like the appearance of a full nib. Problem: The cap doesn’t remain posted in the shallow post design. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding 2.5 stars — for below average. The cap won’t post securely. For writing,  3.5 stars — good.

1/8/16: This pen stopped writing after sitting in my pen jar on my desktop. I tried shaking it up and down to no avail. I’ve spent a lot of time on this pen, but I’m giving up for now. I emptied the ink and washed it thoroughly with water. It goes back into my large soft case. I’ll return to this later to test it once more.

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