Baoer 508

Updated 12/23/15, 12/24/15, 1/4/16
Hot Sale Baoer 508 Executive Blue And Silver Polished Luxury Style M Nib Fountain Pen B06
(eleven li)
Appearance & construction:

Baoer 508 Blue And Silver M Nib B06

Baoer 508 Blue And Silver M Nib B06 [$6.50 FS]. Arrived 12/23/15 from vendor 7-Eleven, Li Qiuming, Changgang Zhong Road 110 Da Yuang 16-201 HaiZhuQu, GuangZhouShi Guangdong 510250, China.

Construction and appearance good. Writing average — smooth and even flow but wet. See the “About” page for an explanation of the rating system.

The Baoer 508 and Jinhao 508 appear to be the same pen with different nibs. The Baoer has a Baoer nib. When the Jinhao arrives, I’ll do a comparison. I expect the Jinhao to have a Jinhao nib. It’ll be interesting to see if the nibs are otherwise the same.

Update 1/4/16: The Baoer 508 and jinhao 508 are identical, down to the “BAOER” engraved nibs. The Jinhao, however, arrived with a defective cap that won’t click shot.

I’ve already found that the Baoer 508 and Jinhao 500 sections are interchangeable in terms of thread compatibility. I’ll post a photo when I have some time. If this uniformity holds true with the other models that I’ve ordered, then there are a number of implications, and one is that if you like the barrel and cap of one pen but are unhappy with the nib, you could switch out the entire section for one from another pen of the similar size.

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