Picasso 907

Updated 12/26/15, 12/28/15, 1/2/16, 1/8/16, 2/4/16
Picasso 907 Montmartre Black M Nib Fountain Pen Red Ring
(Kevin Sky)
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Writing: stars1-h21

Picasso 907A

Picasso 907 Montmartre Black M Nib Red Ring [$7.91 FS]. Arrived 12/26/15, from Petrichor, Six Warehouse, Guangda Park ShiSha Road, ShiJing Town, GuangZho, China

This a thin, streamlined, well constructed pen. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding 3.5 stars — good. The squarish barrel end and rounded cap end are a bit of a mismatch. For writing, 3.5 stars — good 1 star for awful. It’s a slightly wetter fine, consistent and smooth on Mead green tint steno tablet paper.

1/8/16: After initial tests, this pen stopped writing. I stood it on its capped head for days, shook it up and down, but nothing worked. It just refuses to write. I emptied out the ink and am returning it to the large soft case. I may test this once again at some later date.

2/4/16: I gave this pen a final test because I really want to like it, but it failed again. It seems to clog in the feed after sitting idle for a day or two and refuses to start. When I did a water flush, I found the feed was full of ink. It just didn’t transfer through to the nib. The Jinhao international long and thin cartridge fits perfectly. I’m done testing this pen for a while.

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