Hero 9296

Updated 12/24/15, 1/8/16
High Quality Portable Durable Pen 0.38mm Black Hero 9296 Extra Fine Smooth Fountain Pen china Accounting Writing Pen
(Marzia MUYU)
Appearance & construction: stars3-5-h21
Writing: stars1-5-h21

Black Hero 9296 EF

Black Hero 9296 EF [$2.65 FS]. Arrived 1/2/16.

The Hero 9296 is pencil thin. It’s a good-looking pen if you can get past the thinness. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding 3.5 stars — good. For writing, 1.5 stars — very poor. It’s a slow starter. Scratchy.

Larry Marshall, “Hero 9296 Fountain Pen: A Review,” Larry D. Marshall, 26 May 2014.

Jennifer, “Hero 9296 Fountain Pen Review,” BestFountainPen, YouTube, 6/17/15.

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