Hero 9075

Updated 1/4/16, 2/4/16
Original! Hero 9075 Advanced 0.5mm black fountain pen, Super cheap office pens,Stainless steel Nib -can use the ink sac
(Joy Li)
Appearance & construction: stars2-5-h21
Writing: stars1-h21

Hero P-9075 Advanced 0.5mm black

Hero 9075 Advanced 0.5mm black [$3.99 FS]. Arrived 12/30/15.

1/4/16: The converter is interchangeable with the converter in the China 926. This pen is very thin.

2/4/16: The converter is the plunger type. It takes the thin and long Jinhao international cartridge (which arrived today). It’s running on the cartridge right now. The nib is unorthodox and, in my opinion, ugly. The nib is rated 0.5mm, which is usually medium, but it’s more like an EF. It’s a slow starter, writes dry and thin, and feels scratchy. I have it in my desktop bottle of working pens for now. I’ll give it another try later and see if it’s any better.

Miles R., “Hero 382, 1026, 7030, And 9075,” Fountain Pen Network, 27 June 2012.

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