Cannibalizing Jinhao 508 to Repair Fuliwen 2051

Updated 1/16/16
Click image to enlarge.

What to do when a beautiful $6.33 fountain pen, the Fuliwen 2051, has a damaged section that won’t allow it to properly connect with cartridges or converters?

The logical step would be to contact the seller and ask for a refund or a replacement. However, the seller happens to be in mainland China and I happen to be in the U.S., and the shipping time and costs for an eventual replacement would be impractical.

I’ve also ordered a bunch of pens from China, and among them are two that are identical, although I wasn’t aware of this until they arrived. One’s called Baoer 508, and the other, Jinhao 508. They even have the same nib, with “BAOER” engraved on it. The Baoer cost $6.50, and the Jinhao, $3.87. The Jinhao arrived with a defective cap. (Puts a new twist on the old saying “You get what you pay for” doesn’t it?) It’s so difficult to click shut that I put it aside to be used for parts.

Why didn’t I file a claim for a refund? The problem is, I’m having trouble with some of my other purchases and have filed claims that have either been satisfactorily resolved or are pending. I didn’t want to add another at this time.

To make a long story short, I tried the Jinhao 508 section (including nib and feed) on the Fuliwen and it fit perfectly. It was black and not silver, but I think the black is also a nice fit. It actually feels more comfortable than the original. I added the Jinhao converter and the entire unit fit perfectly in the Fuliwen barrel.

I don’t think the loss is too great since I now have an excellent working pen (see the writing sample in photo above) instead of two defective pens, and I have parts that I can still use: nib, feed, converter, barrel.

1/16/16: After receiving a partial refund for the Fuliwen: I put the blade of a small screwdriver into the section to see if I could straighten the bent nipple. I couldn’t see what I was doing, so I went by feel. I rotated the driver head along the inside a number of times until it went around smoothly. This either straightened the sides or removed an obstruction because the converter and a cartridge were able to slide in after that. The fit is still too loose for comfort, but with pressure, it seems to sit somewhat securely. I tested the pen with ink, and it didn’t leak. It’s now in my case with all original parts. But I still consider this pen defective and am wary to use it. I’ll eventually use it for parts or repair it if I can find a suitable section.

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