Baoer 500

Updated 12/26/15, 12/28/15, 3/4/16

Baoer 500 Shiny Black Medium Nib Golden Trim Fountain Pen
(mike liu)
71609353739060 (also see JH 750)
Appearance & construction: stars4-h021
Performance: stars4-h021

Baoer 500 Shiny Black Medium Nib Golden Trim

Baoer 500 Shiny Black Medium Nib Golden Trim [$3.86 FS]. Arrived 12/26/15 from Best to Buy [aka Penszone?], Liwanlu Liwan, GuangZhou, GuangDong, CN, 510170

This good looking pen is a near clone of the Aurora Talentum Finesse. The center band is too wide, adding bling to an already ornate cap. The nib is medium fine, which is ideal for me, but it’s inconsistent. It skips from time to time and turns light at times. There’s something wrong with the feed. In fact, cleaning the feed-nib-section-converter assembly was difficult. Even after filling and emptying the converter numerous times until the water ran clear, ink remained in the feeder and oozed out while sitting in the pen box. Once the feed issue is resolved, my rating may change. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding 3.5 stars — good. For writing, 3 stars — average.

3/4/16: Flushed the nib assembly with bulb syringe. Removed the nib/feed from the section. Took some effort. The nib appears to be smaller than #5, so I don’t have a replacement. Tines appeared aligned. Flossed the slit with a brass shim. No breather hole, so had to go in from the point. Flossed the feed channel with shim. Reassembled. Partially filled the converter with Camel Permanent Black. Initial performance test very good. No skipping or scratchiness. Nice even flow over half a page of writing. On steno paper, the ink appears lighter than normal. On art paper, much darker but not as dark as normal. Even flow on paper. This M nib writes thinner and less wet than normal M. I prefer this to thick and wet. I now have it in my desk rack for serious testing. Upgrading rating for now to very good/very good.

bbbiswas, “A Good Chinese Fountain Pen [Baoer 500],” FPN, 3/9/10.

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