Jinhao 508 [defective]

Updated 12/23/15, 12/26/15, 1/4/16, 1/5/16, 1/16/16
71609353919060 (also see JH X450)
Appearance & construction: stars2-5-h21
Writing: stars2-5-h21

Jinhao 508 Magic Blue Silver Trim Metal Medium M Nib

Jinhao 508 Magic Blue Silver Trim Metal Medium M Nib [$3.87 FS]. Arrived 12/26/15 from Penszone, Liwanlu Liwan, GuangZhou, GuangDong, CN, 510170. Same as Baoer 508.

The Jinhao 508 appears to be similar to the Baoer 508.

Update 12/26/15: The Jinhao 508 is exactly like the Baoer 508, and the nib is engraved “Baoer.” Besides being misleading in terms of names, this is the first malfunctioning pen I’ve received. The cap won’t click close properly. However, closing it repeatedly seems to be gradually reducing the problem. For appearance & construction, I’m awarding 2.5 stars — below average. For writing, 2.5 stars — below average.

Update 1/4/16, 1/16/16: I experimented I’ve decided to use using the section-feed-nib and converter on the Fuliwen 2051, which had a defective section. See Cannibalizing Jinhao 508 to Repair Fuliwen 2051. I’ll use the remaining parts in my other pens when needed. In the meantime, it sits in my case, reassembled with a cap that clicks on when rotated counter-clockwise with pressure.

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