Fountain Pens Ordered from China 12/12/15

Updated 12/15/15, 12/16/15, 12/30/15, 1/16/16
While exploring eBay for old pens, I learned about fountain pens made in China and decided to look into it. I found an online shopping site and zeroed in on fountain pens. (Amazon also features most or all of these pens at very low prices.) I was surprised at the low prices and apparent quality. I also googled reviews on some of the pens and was surprised, again, at the quality of the pens.

I decided to purchase a bunch that (1) appealed to me and (2) were on the low end of the price scale. Roughly half cost less than $5 apiece, and the rest cost between $5 and $10. One pen cost a little less than $13, but that was a mistake on my part. I didn’t catch it until after I had ordered it. I had the option to cancel the purchase, but I decided to go with it.

I splurged and selected 28 different pens. At this price, it seemed a bargain. When they arrive, I plan to write brief reviews for each, one at a time, as time permits. I’ll also gradually replace the photos below, which are from the commercial site.

1. Hero 7032 Iridium Steel 0.5mm can use sac
2. Jinhao X450 Deep Red Twist Carven Fine Nib 2KZS
3. Jinhao 450 Caneta Full metal
4. Hero H-14 CY Original extra Ultra-fine Iraurita
5. JINHAO J1077 Executive Black Shimmering sands B Nib Fountain Pen with gift box
6. JINHAO J1079 Executive Black B Nib
7. JINHAO J1110 Green And Gold clip M Nib with gift box
8. Jinhao 250 Series Grain Fountain Pen iraurita
9. Jinhao 159 Black And Silver M Nib Thick
11. Jinhao 500 Coffee Medium Nib
12. Jinhao 508 Magic Blue Silver Trim Metal Medium M Nib
13. Jinhao X750 Silver Stainless Steel Medium 18KGP Nib
14. Jinhao 750 Black Lacquered Golden Trim Calligraphy Nib
15. JINHAO J1081 Executive Red wine B Nib with gift box
17. BAOER 388 Black Metal Fountain Pen Nib Medium U118
18. Baoer 500 Shiny Black Medium Nib Golden Trim
19. Baoer 508 Blue And Silver M Nib B06
20. Baoer 517 Brown Marble M Nib Fountain Pen Silver Trim
21. Duke 209 31373 Matte Black 22KGP M Nib 2 Cartridges
22. China 926 stainless steel Finance fine Nib
23. Parker 006359 Sonnet
24. Black Hero 9296 EF
26. Bamboo Luxury Fountain Pen Ink 0.5mm
25. Hero P-9075 Advanced 0.5mm black
27. Red Rosewood Wooden Medium Iridium 0.5mm
28. Picasso 907 Montmartre Black M Nib Red Ring

For more info, see the index.

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