Piacenza Burnt Red Marble FP (full refund rec’d)

Updated 1/4/16, 1/15/16
Piacenza Burnt Red Marble Charming Quality Fountain Pen
ebay crystals4less
Sherwood, Oregon
Appearance & construction: stars2-h21
Writing: stars1-5-h21

Piacenza Burnt Red Marble FP

Piacenza Burnt Red Marble FP. Bought eBay 12/28/15 for $2.99 + $2.99 S/H. Arrived 1/2/16.

Product Details
Condition: Brand New, Never Been Used
Dimension (approx): Length: 5 3/8 inches or 13.65 cm when capped
Nib: Two-toned Iridium Nib, Fine Point
Ink Cartridge: Ink piston converter; May be removed and replace with international standard size ink cartridge. Pen does NOT come with ink.
Perfect gift of any occasion
Product SKU: PEN 287
Special Note: Marble design may vary slightly from the picture.

Update 1/4/16: First test. This is a big, heavy pen. Critical flaw: the cap sits very loose and pulls off with little effort. The nib assembly didn’t pass any ink on the first attempt. I flushed it out with water by repeatedly loading and reloading the converter until it ran clear. It wrote after that, but it was scratchy and skipped a lot. I now have it sitting, head down, in a glass container on my desk, among some of my working pens. I’ll return to this test later.

Update 1/4/16: Second test. Still scratchy and skipping. As of now, for appearance & construction, I’m awarding 2 stars — poor. For writing, 1.5 stars — very poor.

Btw, I can’t find much information about this pen. The seller seems to be the only person selling it — or it’s sold elsewhere under a different name. There is no identifying text on the pen re country of origin or parts manufacturers.

Update 1/15/16: Asked for a replacement that didn’t have these issues or a full refund ($5.98). The pen stopped writing, and I couldn’t get it to start even after leaving it standing, head down, for a day or so, and shaking it up and down. Also, as mentioned earlier, the cap is dangerously loose. While waiting for a response, I received a small packet of nibs that I had ordered online. I decided to switch the nib in the Piacenza. It began to write immediately, consistently. Before I could email the seller, I received an email saying they agreed to a full refund. I replied, explaining that the pen was now working with a replacement nib and that a partial refund of $1.50 to cover the cost of the nib would be fine. I received a notice that a full refund had been deposited into my account. I also received a response to my second message, confirming their decision for a full refund. This seller, crystals4less, gets 5 stars for fairness.

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